Here are the deliverables of the project.

Voici les livrables du projet.

Task numberDeliverable identifierDeliverable titlePartner in chargeDelivery date
WP0D01Intermediate project report ITelecom ParisTechT0+10
WP0D02Intermediate project report IITelecom ParisTechT0+20
WP0D03Final report of the projectTelecom ParisTechT0+36
T11D11Network requirementsOrangeT0+12
T12D12aArchitecture and protocols adaptations VaALUT0+24
T12D12bArchitecture and protocols adaptations VbALUT0+36
T21D21Portfolio of learning algorithmsPRiSMT0+12
T22D22aOrchestration of learning algorithms VaInriaT0+18
T22D22bOrchestration of learning algorithms VbInriaT0+36
T31D31aDemonstrator specification and scenarioALUT0+24
T32D32Report on dissemination actions and workshopPRiSMT0+36